The Company

Cotoni is a private owned company (housed in its own building area of 750 sq.m.) that processes and trades hydrophilic cotton wool products. The company was founded in 1991 by Konstantinos Tsinias. From December 2003 the company operates under the name Tsinia Maria, Cotoni. We process, produce and trade cotton for medical, domestic and cosmetic use. Furthermore in recent years has expanded its operations into the field of parapharmaceutical products.

The raw materials that are used for the production of all Cotoni products come from excellent quality raw material cotton. The production process includes the stages of carding and packaging in pleated, roll or coil cotton. We can produce any quantity from 50 gr. to 1000 gr. and our daily production amounts to 1000 kgr. finished products.

Cotoni products are 100% hydrophilic, white, soft, pure, well carded, consisting of long thin fibers, completely odorless and tasteless. When shaken gently, does not leave a significant amount of dust. Cotton can come into contact with injured skin and can be used as a mechanical barrier, for compression or absorption of exudates produced by human body, as well as for the application of substances to the human body.

Quality control is carried out through all of the stages of production and we comply to all the technical standards of the Greek and European Pharmacopoeia. In particular, our products have CE marking for the Greek National Organization of Medicine and ISO 9001:2008 quality certifications from DQS HELLAS and IQNET. Significant part of our annual production (25% is absorbed by the public sector (hospitals -clinics). The last years we are the main cotton suppliers of Greek hospitals. We export (mainly in Cyprus, 3% and the rest of our production is channeled to the private sector, as private label products or as products with the company’s label.

Our primary goal is to offer high quality cotton products at competitive prices, always in accordance with the requirements of our customers. For more information please contact us.